6 Person Seater Hot Tub

Alps Spas K2A hot tub or home spa can be very relaxing but also very healing. There are many benefits to regular hydrotherapy in a 6 person seater hot tub. You can enjoy these benefits with your whole family and create quality time spent with them.

Stress relief

Hot tubs and home spas are the perfect stress relief for tired muscles and long days. High stress can cause a myriad of health problems over time. Using a hot tub regularly will help reduce stress mentally and physically.

Sleep benefits

When you use a hot tub or home spa on a regular basis it reduces your stress and relaxes tired muscles helping you to sleep easier and better. The increase in body temperature causes a resulting decrease that can help induce sleep.

Joint and muscle pain relief

The jets in a hot tub work to relieve pressure on your nerves, relax muscles and massages away stress. The bouyancy of the water reduces pressure on the joints as well helping to reduce pain. Hydrotherapy can help persons suffering from arthritis, the heat and water combination used regularly can make great improvements in reducing arthritis pain.

Blood pressure and circulation

Heat helps open the blood vessels which then decreases blood pressure throughout the body. The massage in a hot tub combined with the heat ease blood flow and increase circulation as well as stimulating nerve impulse, this can boost your immune system and aid in digestion. Persons with vasodilation that are advised against activities should not use hot tubs, check with your doctor before.

Improve Type 2 Diabetes

Using a hot tub for hydrotherapy up to thirty minutes per day, six days per week for three weeks or longer is shown to help persons with Type 2 Diabetes. It lowers blood sugar, increases weight loss and improves sleep patterns. This is especially true for those that cannot do other physical activities and exercise.

Reduce chronic pain and fatigue

Hydrotherapy and hot tub use on a regular basis can reduce pain and fatigue, even for persons with medical conditions that cause chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Hydrotherapy can reduce the chronic pain and fatigue by soaking in the heated water and massaging jet streams.

Increased quality family time

Who would not want to spend time in a hot tub? If life seems so busy that it is like you never see your whole family for more than a few minutes at a time, a family 6 person seater hot tub could increase that quality time together. No cell phones, no wifi and no outside distractions can improve your family’s quality time immensely. Your kids might even start opening up and talking to you more often. See the hot tubs and spas available to you.

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