Atlanta Hot Tubs And Spas Direct From the Factory

Hot TubThese are beautiful hot tubs designed for comfort and relaxation. You can buy your favorite model directly from the factory at Alps Spas here in Atlanta. There are three categories of hot tubs and spas to choose from below.

·         Economy Spas
·         Deluxe Spas
·         Swim Spas

We have a huge selection of Factory direct spas that will delight and thrill your evenings with a soothing massage. If you love a relaxing spa it’s time to own one for your very own pleasure.

·         If you have never owned a spa

There is nothing more therapeutic after a long hard day than a sit in the hot tub. This is a great way to soothe your body, mind and soul. If you love having evenings in the hot tub you can now own your own and they are Factory direct.

With our beautiful models designed to fit your tastes, needs and budget you can own your very own hot tub and relax as often as you please. Our huge selection has these brand names with quality and warranty and easy installation. We are your hot tub dealer in Atlanta. Here are just a few of the quality spas we offer.

·         The Aspen Spa
This great spa is in our economy line and it is a four seat capacity with a  direct pressure neck jet and four direct pressure upper and lower back jets. It also features one vertical java jet and two direct pressure hip jets. This beautiful model comes in beautiful colors as well to please your sense of taste as well as your relaxation.

·         The Innsbruck Spa
This delightful spa from our Deluxe line has thirty nine hydrojets and is a spa built just for two. If you and your favorite spa partner want to get comfortable this is the way to do just that. It has a large entry step for your safety and a handrail for even more safe entry into your Deluxe Spa.

·         Matterhorn Spa
The Matterhorn Spa from our Swim Spa collection is a wonderful experience with thirty three hydrotherapy jets. This beautiful spa also has a bench with six direct pressure massage jets. It also features two Badu professional swim jets. This spectacular model also includes a Deluxe lighting kit and waterfall features.

If you have never owned a spa now is the time to get one for your relaxation and therapy in your own home or backyard.  This is a very therapeutic way to end the day. Order Factory Direct Spas in Atlanta today and experience the most soothing therapy massage.

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