Global / National Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Dealers

dealersIt is no wonder that global hot tub dealers like Alps Spas have been able to attract such a substantial client base throughout the United States and Europe. Relaxing in a hot tub can be very therapeutic, and spending some time in warm, bubbling water has a very broad appeal throughout the world.

People that live close enough to the Atlanta Alps Spas locations can buy direct, and even people located elsewhere may be able to find the right authorized dealer. Alps Spas makes things convenient for its customers.

Alps Spas Offers Custom Ordered Hot Tubs

Alps Spas gives customers the opportunity to get custom ordered hot tubs. Being able to get custom ordered hot tubs can make all the difference for many customers. Customers will vary substantially in what they want from their hot tubs. People will often need to choose hot tubs that work with the architecture and aesthetics of their bathrooms, for one thing. While some people can be flexible in that regard, some people will have specific requirements and limitations. Two-person hot tubs are among the most popular out there. Alps Spas offers its customers a wide range of possible hot tub sizes.

Other people will have the room for swim spas. Swim spas are especially great for people that have entire rooms set aside for their hot tubs, or people that have outdoor swimming areas and want to add hot tubs. Swim spas are versatile and come across as especially luxurious, even among luxury items like hot tubs. Multiple people can use swim spas at once, as well, which gives customers more options.

Stylish Alps Spas Hot Tubs

Alps Spas hot tubs are also fantastic in terms of aesthetics. Plenty of people will choose one hot tub over another for aesthetic reasons. Aesthetics are especially important for luxury items like hot tubs. The hot tub needs to fit with the rest of a household’s interior or exterior design, which may ultimately be largely based on the hot tub’s coloration.

Alps spas offers plenty of available hot tubs that are white or very light gray, which can give them a pure and sterile appearance. Other hot tubs may be blue or dark gray, which can make them seem more oceanic and can give a hot tub an extra appeal. Hot tubs that have a more patterned appearance are also available, and these can give the hot tub and its setting a unique look.

Safe and Reliable Alps Spas

Customers won’t have to compromise on anything when they get their hot tubs from Alps Spas, and that includes the color of the hot tub. Alps spas water tests their hot tubs as a way of making sure that their clients receive products that are both safe and stylish. Customers will be able to get everything that they want and need from their hot tubs.

Best Jacuzzi Hot Tubs For Bathroom

jacuzziThere are many great benefits to enjoying a soak in a jacuzzi hot tub, especially when it is in the comfort of your own home. There are several things you need to carefully consider as you shop around for your new hot tub. When you are trying to find the best option for your bathroom you need to consider size, spacing, set up, and access to ensure you can get the best use and the most benefit out of the jacuzzi. In addition to these things, you will also need to think about the different features available in a jacuzzi.

Common Hot Tub Features

Hot tub jetsFor some people hot tubs are all about the soothing massaging feeling of the powerful water jets. Others enjoy just sitting in the warm water and really only need a small current to keep the water moving. Depending on your wants and needs, you may want to find a jacuzzi that has a lot of extra jets or you may do fine with a minimal jet set up.

Hot tub horsepowerThe power behind the jets can vary based on a number of factors such as water pressure, tub set up, location, and even the model style you have. Stronger horse power means you will have more force behind the jets, which is something you need if you want to have a lot of strong jets in your hot tub. If you only have a few jets, or you really do not care about the jets too much, you do not need a lot of horsepower in your jacuzzi.

Hot tub ozonators. As it is with a regular pool, hot tubs require need several different chemicals to keep the water clean, kill bacteria, and keep everything running as it should. The Ozonator is an important part of the process and is one that needs to be careful considered. These are specialized machines that pump ozone into hot tubs to help regulate chemicals in the water and they can also help reduce the amount of chemicals needed. They can also help remove pollutants other chemicals cant- such as sunscreen, hairspray, and makeup.

Hot tub lift covers
A decent cover is something you cannot skimp on- it is absolutely necessary. They keep the jacuzzi hot tub clean and also provide a safety net to keep kids out of the tub when they are not being supervised. Hot tub cover lifts are available in many styles from simply fitted covers to full hydraulic lift assisted covers. Some covers are simple pieces that are stretched over the top of the tub and others are heavy duty and can double as table tops or seats for company parties. Choose a cover lift that fits your jacuzzi design, décor, needs, and access needs and you can enjoy your jacuzzi for years to come!

Hot Tub Maintenance 101

hot tub maintenance 101The best part of having a hot tub is soaking it in it after a long day, but sometimes you are going to have to follow a few hot tub maintenance tips to keep it in working order. The number one problem with hot tubs is that the water is not as sparkly clean as it should be after just a few uses. Whether your water is foamy, cloudy, discolored, or irritating your skin there are adjustments that can help solve this problem.

The following are some basic hot tub maintenance tips to help you keep your water fresh and clear at all times.

Water is Discolored

No one wants to swim in dirty water, so if your water starts to look yellow, green, brown or any other shade of discoloration then it might be time to trouble shoot. If your mineral count comes back high then you should put some stain and scale into the water.

If this doesn’t work then test the alkaline level of the water and then add to the pH to help clarify it. Yellow water generally means that the pH may be low whereas green water tends to mean algae is growing which can be reversed with the addition of more sanitizer.

Water is Cloudy

Cloudy water can be just as concerning, but can also be easily fixed. An easy fix involves simply cleaning the filter to get particles and dirt out of it. However, if this does not work then you might want to check the TDS level. If this level comes back high the best way to trouble shoot sadly is just to drain and refill your hot tub.

If you still have not solved the problem then it is time to test the pH level of the tub and correct it with the appropriate pH solution. You also might have too much calcium in the hot tub which means you will want to fill it halfway and then refill it adding some clarifier along the way to get rid of any dissolved solids that might be hanging around.

Water is Too Foamy

If the water is foamy there are only a few things that it could be, and they are all easy to correct. You might have a high TDS level which means you will need to drain and refill. You might have soft water or water that is contaminated or you may need to add sanitizer or pH.

Hot Tub Has a Ring Around It

Most of the time if your hot tub has a ring around the top of it then there is probably an issue with the filter. Check all of your filters and clean them to eliminate the problem. It can also mean that the water has too many oils in it so you will need to grab a chemical cleanser to clean up the hot tub.

You can buy hot tubs factory direct from AlpsSpas, a worldwide manufacturer of hot tubs.

9 Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

hot tub cleaningEveryone loves the feeling they get from coming home from a tough day to just lean back and relax in their hot tub.  The pulsating jets, along with the steamy, hot water is just the right touch for melting away the stress of the day.  Considering the stressful times we live in, it probably goes without saying that the hot tub is probably one of the most used items in the American home.  Naturally, being one of the most used items in the home also means it will need to be one of the most cleaned items in the home, but who wants to think about that, right?

Here are nine cleaning tips that will make maintaining your hot tub seem like less than a chore:

1. Check the water every few days – It should have 1-5 ppm of free chlorine or bromine, depending on which sanitizer you use.  The pH should be about 7.2-7.8, with 7.4 being perfect, since it is the pH of the human eye.  The calcium hardness should be 125 to 400 ppm, and the total alkalinity should be 120-180 ppm.

2. Change the water every three, four, or six months – It is best for you to follow the drain and refill procedures listed in your owner’s manual.  To keep detergent and soap residue from building up in your hot tub, it is best to shower without using soap before your hot tub use.  Your bathing suit should be sent through just the rinse cycle of your washer, or the full washing cycle without soap.

3. A mild, non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleanser should be used – It is best to avoid any hot tub or spa cleansers sold in a big-box or department stores.  It is recommended that cleansers sold by the hot tub manufacturer or retailer be used.  Soft rags or nylon scrubbers can be used.

4. Common baking soda can be used for small surface areas

5. The vinyl cover is the easiest part to clean – It can be sprayed lightly with the garden hose to loosen dirt and debris.  A mild soap solution (1 tsp. dishwashing liquid or baking soda with two gallons of water) can be scrubbed in a circular motion with a sponge.  Again, the garden hose may be used to rinse the cover.

6. Mineral particles or calcification from hard water can clog any filtration system – The cartridge can be sprayed with the garden hose, rotating the angles to remove debris from between the filter pleats.

7. The hot tub filter should be replace about every three years

8. The head pillows can be removed and cleaned, according to the procedures listed in the owner’s manual.

9. To achieve that shiny look on the outside coating of the hot tub, the manufacturer or retailer likely sells a cleanser or coating protector, which can be applied with a soft cloth or rag.

You can buy hot tubs factory direct from AlpsSpas, a worldwide manufacturer of hot tubs.

Relax & Exercise with Hot Tub, Swim Spas, Swimming Pool Combo

hot tub swim spa comboThere are many benefits that come along with owning a hot tub. Aside from being the ideal spot to relax, hot tubs can provide several health benefits, add more value to your home, and offer the entire family a fun place to unwind.

A Hot Tub Can Enhance Your Home Design

There are few things that can enhance your home design more than a luxurious hot tub. Adding a hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool combo to your outdoor living space will help you to create your own personal oasis where you can relax and enjoy the view. By owning a hot tub, you no longer need to drive to a spa or visit a faraway location to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic soak in a spa-like environment. Plus, hot tubs and similar products can help add more value to your home which can be extremely beneficial if you ever decide to sell.

Hot Tub Owners Benefit from Personal Health and Wellness

Soaking in a warm, massaging hot tub for just a few minutes each day can help you to relieve tired and sore muscles, reduce stress, relax and meditate. A massaging tub can offer a variety of benefits to different types of people. Some may use the spa simply for its health benefits after a long day at the gym or a run around the neighborhood. Others may choose to use their hot tub to reconnect with friends or to spend quality time with their family, which can also help you to de-stress. Regardless of what your reason may be, your body will thank you for investing in this worthwhile product.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has been studied over the years and has shown to eliminate various types of physical and mental health conditions. This type of water therapy can help individual overcome their aches and pains, and it has also been shown to assist with common illnesses and other ailments. A hot tub can provide you with a form hydrotherapy that you can take part in at any time you choose. The healing qualities of warm, flowing water has been evident in healing processes for centuries when natural hot springs provided our ancestors with the natural healing benefits of hydrotherapy. Now you can experience similar benefits by soaking in your very own hot tub.

Host a Hot Tub Party

One of the most exciting benefits that comes along with owning a hot tub is the fun you will have hosting your very own hot tub party. Now you will never run out of things to do with friends when you have a get-together. Hot tubs easily become the main attraction at backyard barbecues and other outdoor parties. Plus, you can enjoy relaxing in a hot tub any time of year so your parties do not have to be limited to the warm summer months. Owning a hot tub is a great way to guarantee that your backyard parties will never be the same again.

There are various types of hot tub styles and designs available to match your own personal taste. Swim spas and swimming pool combos make the experience even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Gorgeous Hot Tubs With Decks

hot tub and deckHot tubs have so many great attributes therapeutically and physically. If you are in the decision making process of buying a hot tub there are many great factors in having a deck to surround your hot tub.

Not only are decks great for keeping the area around your hot tub easy to enter and beautiful in appearance they have practical value as well. There are many ways to consider how you want to install your deck and hot tub as well as materials to choose from for sturdy and beautiful decking around your gorgeous hot tub.

Deck Considerations

The beauty of having a deck installed with your gorgeous hot tub is a definite plus if you are considering the addition of a deck to your hot tub. Make sure you choose the right model for your type of decking.


There are different ways to install decking with your new hot tub. If you choose to sink your hot tub into your decking, be sure your decking is secured in strength. Hot tubs and water are very heavy and over time your deck can become weak from the pressure of both being unsecured.

Choose your hot tub decking as carefully as you choose your beautiful hot tub. The space you choose for your hot tub will need to be accommodated for your decking. Be diligent measuring just how much space you will need for both your deck and gorgeous hot tub.  Space and placement are important to comfort and beauty when installing your new hot tub with a spectacular deck.

You will want to make sure when you are choosing your deck materials that you choose according to whether it is inside or outside. You have a bevy of choices for both that are beautiful and sturdy and this is your gorgeous hot tub so choose both practicality and beauty for the long run.

Final things to consider when choosing your gorgeous hot tub and deck

Some models to choose from that have absolutely gorgeous quality. These models also have the ability to fit right into a deck designed around their installation. Remember to allow for access for repairs to your hot tub when you have your decking installed because you do not want to have to remodel your deck if adjustments need to be performed on your hot tub.

Considering whether your hot tub is inside or outside is also important when choosing decking to go with your hot tub. You want materials that are weather resistant if it is outside and for inside you want a reinforced decking that is complimentary to your décor inside.

Having your hot tub installed inside is much the same as having a bath tub installed for your home. You want to consider all the hot tub options for beauty and protection in your home as you consider your gorgeous hot tub and deck.

Hot Tubs With Neck Jets

Alps Spas InnsbruckHot tubs and spas at home are a great way to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. They can reduce stress and ease muscle tension and pain. Hot tubs and hydrotherapy are great for people with diabetes, the hydrotherapy helps with circulation that can be vital in healthy extremities. Direct pressure neck jets are an option in many hot tub models. This feature offers the best neck and shoulder massage and tension relief you could imagine. The following models have direct pressure neck jets included.

Thirty six total jets, seats up to six people with direct pressure neck jets in three of the four seats. The Bench seats have four directional jets without direst pressure neck jets. Other featured jets include direct pressure upper and lower back, lava, direct pressure hip, rotational, calf and foot jets as well as a foot well.

Innsbruck XLS
Small but mighty, this has a lounge seat and a hot seat with direct pressure neck jets in each. You can enjoy a full upper body hydrotherapy massage. With forty eight total jets and room for two or three people this is the perfect space saving option.

Ciara XLS
With room for five people and sixty two total jets this is a very nice family unit. A lounge, hot seat, swing seat, bench seat and a foot well with step it is set up for the utmost relaxation. It offers two seats with direct pressure neck jets as well as cyclone, calf, shoulder, hip, hand, lower back and foot massage.

See all hot tub models available.

Avalanche XLS
It feels perfectly large with room for six people, but will fit through a standard door opening. It offers sixty six total jets, six direct pressure should and neck jets. Each seat has a unique massage to relieve stress and relax your whole body.

Everest XLS
Nice large unit that seats up to seven people with each seat having a different aspect of massage. Offering twelve direct pressure neck and shoulder jets it will give you the perfect neck and shoulder massage.

Olympus XLS
This six person model has “his and hers” unique seating to ensure perfect custom fits. With fourteen direct pressure neck and shoulder jets everyone can reduce neck and shoulder tension.

A large unit that will seat up to eight people with fifteen direct pressure neck jets, and one hundred three total jets there is plenty for everyone.

Seating for up to six people, fourteen neck and shoulder direct pressure jets with a total of sixty one jets. A nice design for a larger family.

This Swim Spa has everything you could ask for in a home spa, with 33 hydrotherapy jets total, the two seats have direct pressure neck jets. This unit also is large enough for aquatic exercise and year around swimming.

6 Person Seater Hot Tub

Alps Spas K2A hot tub or home spa can be very relaxing but also very healing. There are many benefits to regular hydrotherapy in a 6 person seater hot tub. You can enjoy these benefits with your whole family and create quality time spent with them.

Stress relief

Hot tubs and home spas are the perfect stress relief for tired muscles and long days. High stress can cause a myriad of health problems over time. Using a hot tub regularly will help reduce stress mentally and physically.

Sleep benefits

When you use a hot tub or home spa on a regular basis it reduces your stress and relaxes tired muscles helping you to sleep easier and better. The increase in body temperature causes a resulting decrease that can help induce sleep.

Joint and muscle pain relief

The jets in a hot tub work to relieve pressure on your nerves, relax muscles and massages away stress. The bouyancy of the water reduces pressure on the joints as well helping to reduce pain. Hydrotherapy can help persons suffering from arthritis, the heat and water combination used regularly can make great improvements in reducing arthritis pain.

Blood pressure and circulation

Heat helps open the blood vessels which then decreases blood pressure throughout the body. The massage in a hot tub combined with the heat ease blood flow and increase circulation as well as stimulating nerve impulse, this can boost your immune system and aid in digestion. Persons with vasodilation that are advised against activities should not use hot tubs, check with your doctor before.

Improve Type 2 Diabetes

Using a hot tub for hydrotherapy up to thirty minutes per day, six days per week for three weeks or longer is shown to help persons with Type 2 Diabetes. It lowers blood sugar, increases weight loss and improves sleep patterns. This is especially true for those that cannot do other physical activities and exercise.

Reduce chronic pain and fatigue

Hydrotherapy and hot tub use on a regular basis can reduce pain and fatigue, even for persons with medical conditions that cause chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Hydrotherapy can reduce the chronic pain and fatigue by soaking in the heated water and massaging jet streams.

Increased quality family time

Who would not want to spend time in a hot tub? If life seems so busy that it is like you never see your whole family for more than a few minutes at a time, a family 6 person seater hot tub could increase that quality time together. No cell phones, no wifi and no outside distractions can improve your family’s quality time immensely. Your kids might even start opening up and talking to you more often. See the hot tubs and spas available to you.

Hot Tub Indoor vs. Outdoor

outdoorThere are several advantages to owning a hot tub. In order to take advantage of all these features, placing is crucial. Your hot tub will not be nearly as enjoyable if you can’t use it part of the year or you can’t enjoy the summer nights outside, if that is your preference. Many homeowners struggle with where they are going to place their hot tub before they think about anything else. Affordability doesn’t mean anything if the hot tub isn’t going to be used practically. Use these tips to help you choose between an indoor or outdoor hot tub.

Indoor Hot Tubs
Indoor hot tubs are a wise choice for people who want to enjoy themselves all year long. The indoor environment also provides more privacy so that you can feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, the indoor hot tub is much easier to maintain as you don’t need to worry about leaves or debris floating in when you leave the cover off.

The only downsides to the indoor hot tub is that they aren’t meant for entertainment purposes. In most cases, indoor hot tubs are placed in a bathroom in the home. Depending on the space you have available, you may want to consider building a small outdoor building for the hot tub so that you can invite guests; however, you may lose some of the privacy benefits.

Outdoor Hot Tubs
Outdoor hot tubs are a great compliment to any yard. Whether you are planning on hosting a number of different parties or just want a quiet place to relax, you can create it using your hot tub. Outdoor hot tubs also help you to get in touch with nature and enjoy the great outdoors whenever you want.

Choosing an outdoor hot tub can be a liability, so you will have to enclose it. If you have small children in your neighborhood, you may also want to consider a lock for safety. You will also need to invest in a cover to keep debris out of the tub when you are not using it. If you live in a colder region, you may want to consider an indoor hot tub as not everyone is going to be comfortable outside.

How to Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor Hot Tubs
In order to choose between an indoor and outdoor hot tub, you should write down all the features you want in a tub. Consider how and when you will use your hot tub. Make sure to consider where you will place your tub, as even small hot tubs take up a lot of space. After you carefully consider your lifestyle, you can decide where to put your new hot tub.
Take a look at your hot tubs options here.

Best Hot Tubs 2014

hot tubsAspen: This is an economy hot tub that weights 450 pounds and fitted with multiple hydrotherapy seats. The tub comes with a galvanized steel frame, reflective heat barriers and adjustable stainless steel jets.

Innsbruck: This is a sleek spa for two people, with all the features of a bigger spa. The tub comes with an entry step and handrails. The tub has 39 water jets. It is available in multiple colors.

Innsbruck XLS: This is an elegant hot tub with a vast array of features. You can install this tub anywhere in your house. The tub seats 2 to 3 people and comes with 48 water jets.

Ciara: This is one of the most popular models and is equipped with ergonomic seats. The seats are built to provide a special massage experience. The hot tub seats 4 to 5 people and comes with 49 hydro jets.

Ciara XLS: This is a great package for complete relaxation sessions. The hot tub provides hydrotherapy targeted to all parts of your body. The Ciara XLS is easy to install and easy to maintain.

Avalanche: This model is built with open seating and is a great entertainment package. It comes with a 36” entry door. The hot tub easily accommodates up to 6 people.

Avalanche XLS: The tub comes with a great set of standard features. The seats are designed to offer a unique massage experience. The entry step is also used as a cooler seat.

Everest: This is ideal for big families. The hot tub will entertain up to 6 people. There are 63 hydrotherapy jets to ensure maximum fun. A 7” color LED light and beautiful Balboa controls add to the elegance of this great tub.

Everest XLS: This is a powerful tub that is designed to relax and entertain you. You can set this tub with high-pressure massage streams for your back and neck. This is ideal for 6 to 7 people and comes with 82 jets.

Olympus: This beautiful tub comes with loungers for “his and her”. This tub is fitted with a reverse neck chair and companion seat. The tub is built to seat 4 to 5 people.

Olympus XLS: This is a bigger and beautiful tub with jets that offer whole body massages. A hot seat with reverse neck and shoulder jets adds to the power of this tub. The tub comes with 91 jets.

K2: This tub is designed for extreme therapies. The tub is built with a 360-degree foot dome and offers high quality massages. The tub comes in vibrant colors like most other models.

K2 XLS: The tub comes with a total body massage seat, reverse neck seat and 360 degree foot massage. The hot tub also features seating for 8 people, dual remotes and lighting features.

Himalaya: This tub seats 6 people, fitted with 41 jets and built with a capacity of 335 gallons.

Rainier: This tub is designed to seat 5 people, comes with 45 jets and holds 320 gallons of water.

Newport: The tub is built for 6 people and can hold up to 425 gallons of water.

Matterhorn: This is a beautiful swim spa equipped with the features of a swimming pool and a hot tub. It is great for all kinds of aquatic exercises. It is good for 6 people and holds 2000 gallons of water.