Hot Tubs With Neck Jets

Alps Spas InnsbruckHot tubs and spas at home are a great way to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. They can reduce stress and ease muscle tension and pain. Hot tubs and hydrotherapy are great for people with diabetes, the hydrotherapy helps with circulation that can be vital in healthy extremities. Direct pressure neck jets are an option in many hot tub models. This feature offers the best neck and shoulder massage and tension relief you could imagine. The following models have direct pressure neck jets included.

Thirty six total jets, seats up to six people with direct pressure neck jets in three of the four seats. The Bench seats have four directional jets without direst pressure neck jets. Other featured jets include direct pressure upper and lower back, lava, direct pressure hip, rotational, calf and foot jets as well as a foot well.

Innsbruck XLS
Small but mighty, this has a lounge seat and a hot seat with direct pressure neck jets in each. You can enjoy a full upper body hydrotherapy massage. With forty eight total jets and room for two or three people this is the perfect space saving option.

Ciara XLS
With room for five people and sixty two total jets this is a very nice family unit. A lounge, hot seat, swing seat, bench seat and a foot well with step it is set up for the utmost relaxation. It offers two seats with direct pressure neck jets as well as cyclone, calf, shoulder, hip, hand, lower back and foot massage.

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Avalanche XLS
It feels perfectly large with room for six people, but will fit through a standard door opening. It offers sixty six total jets, six direct pressure should and neck jets. Each seat has a unique massage to relieve stress and relax your whole body.

Everest XLS
Nice large unit that seats up to seven people with each seat having a different aspect of massage. Offering twelve direct pressure neck and shoulder jets it will give you the perfect neck and shoulder massage.

Olympus XLS
This six person model has “his and hers” unique seating to ensure perfect custom fits. With fourteen direct pressure neck and shoulder jets everyone can reduce neck and shoulder tension.

A large unit that will seat up to eight people with fifteen direct pressure neck jets, and one hundred three total jets there is plenty for everyone.

Seating for up to six people, fourteen neck and shoulder direct pressure jets with a total of sixty one jets. A nice design for a larger family.

This Swim Spa has everything you could ask for in a home spa, with 33 hydrotherapy jets total, the two seats have direct pressure neck jets. This unit also is large enough for aquatic exercise and year around swimming.

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