Small Hot Tubs vs Big Hot Tubs

hot tubs modelThere really is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in your very own hot tub after a long day’s work. Of course, when checking out these different hot tubs you are going to find all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are the smaller more intimate hot tubs, yet there are the larger party sized hot tubs. Deciding on what hot tub is best for you does take a little bit of consideration, so you should end up with the perfect hot tub back home ready and waiting to usher in a new form of relaxation.

What to Consider

Before you actually go and look into the small and large hot tubs, there are a few different aspects you need to keep in mind.

– How much money are you looking to spend

– How much room do you have for the hot tub

– How many people are actually going to use it

These three questions you need to ask yourself are very important. Naturally, if you have a set budget it is going to help cut out hot tubs you simply can’t afford. Next, knowing how much room you have is essential as well. You can’t really install a 10 foot by 10 foot hot tub if you only have 8 feet by 8 feet available. Lastly, while you probably envision all of your friends and family members coming over to use the hot tub how likely is this actually going to happen? If you regularly have groups of people over than a larger hot tub might serve you well. You also might want a larger hot tub if you have several kids who are going to want to hop in as well. However, if it is just you or you have a small family and don’t regularly invite people over than maybe the smaller option is going to be better.

Perks of a Small Hot Tub

When considering a small hot tub, these are some of the best perks associated with it:

– Less expensive

– Easier to maintain

– Less water and chemicals

– Fits in more places

– Fewer jets so less noisy

While these are only some of the small hot tub perks over what a large hot tub offers, you again need to keep the price, number of people and amount of space in mind when deciding.

Perks of a Large Hot Tub

When it comes to a large hot tub, these are some of the benefits that come with it:

– Fits more people

– More jets

– Different seating options

The larger hot tub provides some additional features that just are not found on a smaller hot tub. When it comes to selecting the perfect hot tub for you and your family, it all comes down to what works best for you.

7 Luxuries Of A 2 Person Hot Tub

Hot tubs are great to relax in as they provide a warm and comfortable space where you can reclaim your day. 2 person hot tubs are on the rise and after reviewing this Top 7 list, you will see why.

1.  Expense.  The 2 person hot tub runs significantly cheaper than the usual outdoor tub.  The expense is not limited to just the initial purpose, but also cleaning the bigger tubs can become an expensive chore.  A 2 person hot tub is not only more affordable up front, but there is less area to keep clean. This means there are less chemicals needed and less time involved if you hire someone.

2.  Intimacy.  One of the big reasons you should keep in mind while shopping for a hot tub is intimacy.  Do you want all of your neighbors and friends to jump in the tub, or do you just want yourself or even a special night with your partner.  A 2 person hot tub gives the perfect combination of self-relaxation and enjoying your partner.

3.  Space saver.  A 2 person hot tub is ideal for someone who wants to have the luxury of a hot tub, but may be short on space.  The 2 person hot tub can be the key to relaxation in a limited outdoor area.  So, if your patio is not as big as you like it to be, buying a 2 person hot tub can make it as big as it needs to be.

4.  Water conservation.  If you live in a place where water conservation is an issue, then you already know some of the regulations and rules that might hamper you buying a big hot tub; however, a 2 person hot tub is far friendlier in this department.  A 2 person hot tub is an eco-friendly solution to wanting the best in life.

5.  Moving.  Have you ever moved a traditional hot tub?  It isn’t fun. So, if you ever need to move from your house or apartment, you will either have to abandon your bigger tub or pay a lot of money trying to move it.  A 2 person hot tub is still a hefty item, but it is a lot easier to move if you ever need to transport it to a new location.  A regular hot tub is an investment for the house; a 2 person hot tub is an investment for you.

6.  Your own personal hydrotherapy.  A 2 person hot tub is the perfect size for a personal hydrotherapy massage with water jets.  There isn’t any wasted motion in a 2 person hot tub and the jets are more concentrated in the space available this means instead of rocking around in a bigger tub, you can lay back and enjoy a personal hydrotherapy session in your 2 person hot tub.

7.  You can bring it inside.  That’s right, you can usually install a 2 person hot tub inside of your house.  There are units made specifically for this and they are the perfect way to ramp up your bathroom from normal to sensational.  Imagine having your own 2 person hot tub as your bath tub?  You can turn a bubble sensation into the dream relaxation you’ve always wanted all from the comfort of your own bathroom.

As you can see there are some great reasons to explore buying a 2 person hot tub.  Keep in mind that sometimes great things come in small packages.

Atlanta Hot Tubs And Spas Direct From the Factory

Hot TubThese are beautiful hot tubs designed for comfort and relaxation. You can buy your favorite model directly from the factory at Alps Spas here in Atlanta. There are three categories of hot tubs and spas to choose from below.

·         Economy Spas
·         Deluxe Spas
·         Swim Spas

We have a huge selection of Factory direct spas that will delight and thrill your evenings with a soothing massage. If you love a relaxing spa it’s time to own one for your very own pleasure.

·         If you have never owned a spa

There is nothing more therapeutic after a long hard day than a sit in the hot tub. This is a great way to soothe your body, mind and soul. If you love having evenings in the hot tub you can now own your own and they are Factory direct.

With our beautiful models designed to fit your tastes, needs and budget you can own your very own hot tub and relax as often as you please. Our huge selection has these brand names with quality and warranty and easy installation. We are your hot tub dealer in Atlanta. Here are just a few of the quality spas we offer.

·         The Aspen Spa
This great spa is in our economy line and it is a four seat capacity with a  direct pressure neck jet and four direct pressure upper and lower back jets. It also features one vertical java jet and two direct pressure hip jets. This beautiful model comes in beautiful colors as well to please your sense of taste as well as your relaxation.

·         The Innsbruck Spa
This delightful spa from our Deluxe line has thirty nine hydrojets and is a spa built just for two. If you and your favorite spa partner want to get comfortable this is the way to do just that. It has a large entry step for your safety and a handrail for even more safe entry into your Deluxe Spa.

·         Matterhorn Spa
The Matterhorn Spa from our Swim Spa collection is a wonderful experience with thirty three hydrotherapy jets. This beautiful spa also has a bench with six direct pressure massage jets. It also features two Badu professional swim jets. This spectacular model also includes a Deluxe lighting kit and waterfall features.

If you have never owned a spa now is the time to get one for your relaxation and therapy in your own home or backyard.  This is a very therapeutic way to end the day. Order Factory Direct Spas in Atlanta today and experience the most soothing therapy massage.

Hot Tub Stores Near Me In Atlanta Georgia

hot tubs near meWith the right hot tub store in Atlanta, you can be sure that your sanctuary is just a few moments away. With many providing hot tubs in Atlanta, deciding on the best hot tub is up to your personal desires. You want to make sure you buy a hot tub that is the best in the market at affordable prices. You will need to find a company that is reputable and accredited to offer the high quality products that will meet your needs and the needs of your family.


A good company should be able to carry a variety of products from which you can choose the best products. Though the quality of your hot tub is essential, you want to make sure you get the quality that you want to keep your hot tub in perfect condition.

Getting The Most From Your Hot Tub In Every Season

1. Check if there are leaks as this can affect the quality of the service you will receive from your hot tub. In addition, ensure to drain water that has been in your tub for the last season. This will help make your hot tub clean and fresh. Do not forget to check the covering of your hot tub.

2. Check the pumps, controls, plumbing and the heater and ensure that everything is working properly. It is cheap and easy to fix a few things. For the best results, ensure to hire an experienced repairer to help you with assessing the condition of your hot tub.

3. If water level is reducing, it is likely that your hot tub has leaks. If you notice some wet spots in areas around your tub, you will know that your tub has slow leaks that need to be fixed.

By taking good care of your hot tub through the above maintenance ideas, you can be sure to enjoy those nights in a perfect hot tub without having to wrestle with challenges that come with a poorly maintained facility.